Giovanni Cone

The road that Vänn had initially intended to follow in life was to lead him to become a fusion energy scientist. Receiving a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from the University of New Mexico in 1999 and continuing down the straight well paved path into graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he decided to take the off-ramp before reaching the Ph.D. destination.  The skills that would prove to be of value later down the new path would be the Linux system administration, shell scripting, and programming knowledge gathered from years of working on computational scientific research.

Vänn encountered OCD Custom Cycles and Repair later down the new road while in need of service of his Moto Guzzi V7 Classic back in 2012.  After discussing the past road he traveled with Frances and Marc, Vänn agreed to work on IT support for the OCD’s computer system and networking needs.  As a customer, friend, and team member, Vänn will continue to ensure that the computer and networking systems will keep OCD running strong for years to come.