Marc Beyer

Owner and Master Technician – 
Marc’s connection to benzine started at an early age. His father, Reinhard, worked as a test engineer for an old German car manufacturer named Borgward in Bremen Germany. After the company closed, Reinhard opened a driving school and had a fleet of cars and motorcycles. Soon after Marc learned how to walk, he discovered two wheels and engines, a perfect mixture! During his teenage years, he could not wait to spend time with his dad in the family garage to keep the stable of bikes and cars in running order. There was always something to be fixed and Marc was ready.

After graduating from high school, Marc was accepted for an apprenticeship program with Mercedes-Benz. This 3 year program taught Marc the hands-on skills to repair complicated vehicles as well as the theory of mixture, combustion, and catalyst. He worked for seven more years as shop foreman for Mercedes-Benz in Dresden, Germany. It was there where he finished his Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering (Meisterbrief).

Marc left Germany in July 1998 for a position as shop foremen at Europa International in Santa Fe, NM to service the Gelandewagen made by Mercedes-Benz and to assist with modifications necessary to import the vehicle legally to the USA. Europa International was the sole importer for their extreme 4-wheel drive and had to engineer the equipment and systems necessary to pass EPA and DOT in house.

In late 2004, after Mercedes-Benz acquired Europa International, Marc decided it was time to pursue his passion. He was hired by Santa Fe BMW as master technician and shop foreman for their motorcycle division. It was during those years when Marc built a vintage BMW for racing and track use. He continues to race vintage and modern motorcycles with much success.

In the spring of 2011, Marc decided it was time to follow in his parents footsteps and open his own business. OCD Custom Cycles & Auto Repair was born in June of 2011. The acronym OCD stands for exactly what you want your technician to be: obsessive, compulsive, and focused on the details to obtain perfection.

If you are looking for the best service, you will find it here. Marc’s specialty is BMW. However, he is an old-school technician with contemporary knowledge and equipment. He can diagnose, repair, rebuild, and restore any era bike. He will also build a bike to a client’s specification on request. He guarantees his work and wants all his customers to leave satisfied.