Custom Projects

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Custom Projects & Restorations

If you are considering having OCD Custom Cycles and Auto Repair restore your motorcycle or build a custom motorcycle this document gives you some up front information about our process and business practices.

vin_01Work estimates for restoration projects at best can only be vague and imprecise due to the very nature of the job at hand. Each machine is unique and so is the job and its cost. Many details of restoration work become apparent only once the restoration is initiated. We will do our best to discuss the potential cost of such work, but such cost discussions are never a promise or guarantee of final costs. We will, whenever possible, communicate with the owner of a project “surprises” and “expensive problems” when they arise and discuss strategies to deal with them. In some cases the only realistic strategy may well be to cancel a project.

Although the start and completion dates for all projects will be discussed, such dates are only an guesstimate. The nature of motorcycle restoration is that there are always surprises and usually those surprises require more time and work and not less. Whenever possible we use email and digital photography to facilitate communication between the project owner and our shop. However, should the project owner be unavailable due to travel, vacation, business, etc., work shall continue on his project unless OCD Custom Cycles and Auto Repair has been previously otherwise directed.

Except by prior arrangement, our shop is closed all weekends. Our shop hours are typically Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mountain Time (please check store hours here). Is best to email or call ahead before planning a visit to the shop to ensure we are here and that we have time to talk to you about your project.

Before beginning most projects an initial non-refundable deposit will be required. The amount of this deposit will vary with the project. That deposit will ensure a “place in line” and will be drawn upon as work progresses. If the draw runs out we may need additional funds to purchase parts. All parts are prepaid and are non-returnable.

As we near completion of any restoration project, or other similar large project requiring road testing, we will require a current registration and license plate as well as insurance with a certificate of insurance for your machine.

Upon completion, machines or other projects must be transported away from OCD Custom Cycles and Repair within one week of completion unless other arrangements have been previously made. A storage fee of $5 per day will be assessed on any machine or other project left for more than one week after completion unless other arrangements have been made as noted previously. In the event that your machine is being commercially shipped into or out of OCD Custom Cycles and Auto Repair we will work with you and your transporter to endeavor to have such transport happen smoothly. OCD Custom Cycles and Auto Repair will not, however, pickup or deliver machines or arrange commercial shipping for such machines. Payment for commercial shipping into or out of OCD Custom Cycles and Auto Repair is the responsibility of the machine owner. Before transportation from OCD Custom Cycles and Auto Repair all bills must be current.

Upon the completion of work on your machine you will be provided with detailed recommendations concerning your machine and how to treat it. Please keep a written log noting date, mileage and any problems or observations that you would like to discuss or address. We strongly advise a service by OCD Custom Cycles and Auto Repair of all rebuilt machines or engines at approximately 600 miles post rebuild.

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