Sailing through Guna Yala, or how to cross the Darien gap

Darian Gap


We are following our customers Griffen Daly and Carson Samuel on their journey to the southern most land mass on our continent. They are riding a BMW R1150GS and a Suzuki DR650. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

November 6, 2017 – A full moon illuminates the black rolling seas. After four days of cruising between the San Blas islands, known as Guna Yala by the indigenous peoples, we are making the final passage overnight to Cartegena. Aboard the Wild Card, a 60 ft. Monohull sailboat, are 23 passengers including myself, 5 crew and the two motorcycles (to cross the Darien Gap). The leg of the journey we are on is about 27 straight hours of sailing. Before the sun set about 20 minutes ago we got our last looks at Central America. People have been drifting in and out of sleep all day, recovering from the boating life; Drinking rum, sitting in the sun and swimming to empty pristine islands has taken the life out of us all. Between the accumulated hangover, sunburn, and gentle rocking of the boat there is not a soul among us that can make it greater than 4 hours without a nap. In the four days that we acquired our current state of being I saw a vibrant indigenous culture, meet some fantastic people, laughed a lot, set up a hammock between two palm trees on an empty Caribbean island, snorkeled in beatuiful reefs, and experienced some of the most relaxing five days of my life. to read more: